About Solitaire Group

Established in 2010, Solitaire Group is one of the finest luxury real estate brands in Pune. The group is known for their high-end residential and commercial projects, including luxury apartments, office and retail spaces. As a renowned real estate developer in Pune, we focus on creating landmarks and setting new standards and lifestyle experiences through our functional designs and architectural specialization. We aim to deliver quality projects that cater to the needs and preferences of our customers while adhering to strict ethical and environmental standards.

Vision for Solitaire Business Hub

Our Vision is to build a competitive edge with the right infrastructure to create a brand destination for leading organisations. We are infrastructure accelerators for businesses with a focus on client experience. As a trusted realty firm, we look forward to elevating your business potential.


Solitaire Group was founded with the sole purpose of providing fine lifestyle. Service, a quintessential facet of luxury living, is a key component of this philosophy. We offer bespoke residences, ecosystem-integrated business hubs, personalized homes and suites. With its strategic locations, SBH provides easy access to prominent areas, micro-markets, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, banks, railway stations and airports.