Floor Plans Solitaire Business Hub

Spaces that are True Masterpieces.

Because we are committed to delivering the best,
to those who seek the best in life. Every storey should tell a story!We are


We are in sync with the extremely competitive business environment and are driving transformation that is futuristic in every sense.We are


We are new in what we think and are inculcating innovation in all our actions, while staying true to our fundamental principles and values.We are


We continue each day to achieve new horizons and discover new processes, services, and products to positively change the business environment.42

Completed Projects

30Mn SFT

Equity & Financial Partnership

2.80Mn SFT

Ongoing Commercial Development

1.80Mn SFT

Ongoing Retail Development


Of Master Development


No. of Units Delivered

2.20Mn SFT

Completed Projects

2.20Mn SFT

Ongoing Residential Development

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